Hello, I'm ROSA!

ROSA WINS 2014 Minister's Award of Excellence in Safety Innovation!
“Innovation is key to building Alberta and maintaining a prosperous economy, we can all learn from these winners.  It’s my pleasure to recognize the teams that delivered these public transportation projects by developing better, safer, more efficient ways to do business.”
                   -Wayne Drysdale,
                          Minister of Transportation
                                  Alberta, Canada

The 21st Century Flagger's Tool


The Remote Operated Safety Attendant (ROSA) is the innovative new Flagger’s Tool used to control traffic from the “Safe Zone” out of imminent danger, verbal abuse, and adverse weather conditions.  Saving lives, money, litigation, and jobs is our goal.  ROSA has a five year warranty and is made in the U.S.A.




"With ROSA, we're not out to take a Flagger's job, we're out to give the Flagger a tool that will

save their life."

John Williams, Inventor


ATSSA 2013

Innovation Award​

John Wiliams, Inventor and CEO of Roundspring Technologies, Inc. accepts the 2014 Minister's Award of Excellence in Safety Innovation from the Honourable Wayne  Drysdale, Minister of Transportation, Alberta


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Springfield, Missouri

Made in the USA

U.S. & other Patents Pending