Mobility, Transportation, & Innovations


Our “Mobility and Transportation” devices were developed to addresses the only complaint we have ever had, weight.  With these two new devices, no one really ever has to “lift” the weight of ROSA .

“The All Terrain ROSA Dolly”

The "All Terrain Dolly" allows you to move ROSA's 180 pounds, (necessary to not blow over), thru pot holes and uneven surfaces with ease.  The bigger, air filled tires and more ground clearance increases ROSA's maneuverability over rough and tough terrain.  With intentionally built-in leverage, the "All Terrain Dolly" makes it easy for even the smallest of Flaggers to handle and position ROSA.

ROSA's "Chariot”

ROSA's "Chariot" is a single-use transport that eliminates trailers and the need to install lift gates.  This completely self-contained, remote controlled lift installs into a 2” receiver style hitch and is specially built to easily lift and carry two ROSA’s to and from worksites; or it can be used as a mobile flagging platform for moving crews.



Research has  shown that a large percentage of accidents in work zones occur where traffic is in "Queue", in curvy terrain where vision or line of sight is limited, and, in times of inclement weather.  


For this reason, we have modified ROSA with a SLOW/SLOW mode of operation.  When in this mode, ROSA would take a position in queue 50-100 yards before the Flagging operation or around a corner, and show a flashing yellow light and SLOW SIGN to both entering and exiting lanes of traffic. When in this mode, the remote control for the unit is disabled which prevents the sign from turning.  ROSA now comes with two signs, a STOP/SLOW and a SLOW/SLOW; two modes of Operation, one piece of equipment, safety always.